Falling in love with Apollo Beach….

Title: The Equinox (Summer Solstice Series 2)
Author: K.K Allen
Published: December 9, 2014 K.K Allen
Format: Amazon Prime lending library book for March
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Isn’t it wonderful when you fall in love with the first book of a series and when you read the second book in the series you love it even more! That’s what happened when I read The Equinox. We continue to follow Kat as she becomes more involved in the Enchanter community. We also get to know some of her friends more in depth as they become a larger part of her life. New characters are also introduced, like the Valli sisters. The residents of Apollo Beach are living in fear and are struggling to come up with a plan to discover who the Equinox is and how to defeat him. In the romance department, Kat struggles as she questions Alec’s feelings for her. During all of this she begins working at the Island Grille where she has to do with the problem of her new coworker….Johnny.

Now I have to say that I was surprised by how the first book in this series ended up, I didn’t see any of the plot twists coming in that one. I figured that by the time I got through reading half of this one I would definitely be able to figure out what was coming….and I was sure I had figured some things out. I was TOTALLY wrong…it was so refreshing! I love when I’m reading a book and I find myself saying..WHAT?! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! I love that we really build a relationship with the characters in this one as we get to know everyone better. There were many new characters introduced but I didn’t find any of them superfluous, instead I felt like I was getting a better understanding of Kat and her world. So, all in all if you love an intriguing mystery along with a good romance that take place in a magical world I cannot recommend this series enough… it’s quickly becoming my favorite.

Now a little more about my thoughts on the characters…I love that we get to know Johnny so much better in this book. I find I like him a lot more than I liked Alec, but maybe that’s just because we get to know him so much more in depth. I suppose I’ll reserve my final judgement on these boys until later. I felt so frustrated right along with Kat about all the secrets…Rose does seem to have her best interests in mind but I just don’t get it. Every time something important is kept from Kat… shenanigans seem to occur that seem like they could have been avoided had she been let in on some of those secrets. I guess the story wouldn’t have been as interesting if that were the case though. I do hope we get to know some of her other friends even more, the Valli sisters seem wonderful and I felt like they probobly have a novels worth of stories of their own. I love when I borrow my one prime book for the month and it’s as good as this one was. All in all I cannot wait to read another book in this series!

The Equinox (Summer Solstice #2)


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