Reaper’s Rhythm….drew me in slowly

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Title: Reaper’s Rhythm (Hidden: Book 1)
Author: Clare Davidson
Published: July 19, 2013 Smudged Ink Press
Format: Read and Review copy from author
My rating: 4/5 stars

Reaper’s Rhythm is the story of a 16 year old girl named Kim who is looking into the death of her older sister Charley. We hear the story from Kim’s perspective as she refuses to accept that Charley committed suicide. Her family, friends, and everyone else assume that she is overcome by her grief. The fact that she is the one who found her sister but can’t remember it due to a strange case of amnesia regarding the incident does not help. She decides that it’s up to her to find out what happened to her sister but soon thinks that maybe someone else has some answers. She starts seeing the mysterious Matthew everywhere…but can she trust him? And what does he have to do with the strange things happening?

It took me a little while to really get drawn into this story, but once I did I couldn’t put it down. Since the story is told from Kim’s point of view, instead of third person, I enjoy that we learn everything right along with her. I felt like this added to the suspense. Now I read a lot of books that have a paranormal edge to them and I enjoy that this didn’t feel like something I’ve seen before. I always find myself commenting on the romance in a story, and there really wasn’t much of that in this book. The lack of a big romance didn’t make me like the story any less. I felt like by the end of the story I really got to know the characters and was satisfied with the mystery. It felt like a classic whodunnit with some seriously unexpected paranormal twists!

This book hit all the things I loved..paranormal, suspense, YA. I really think it had a little bit of something for everyone. I knew there would be some sort of paranormal aspect to it and I hadn’t read too many reviews so I wasn’t sure what that would be. I have to say I did not guess what it would be before I read it. I felt it was an interesting take on the genre. I will definitely continue on with the series and would love to see how the mythology grows.

Reaper's Rhythm (Hidden: Book 1)


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