Death Wish…perfect mix of suspense, romance, and paranormal!

Title: Death Wish (The Ceruleans: Book 1)
Author: Megan Tayte
Published: February 7, 2015 Heaven Afire
Format: Read and Review copy from author
My rating: 4/5 stars

This is the story of Scarlett as she stays in her grandparents’ home, near the ocean, the summer before she is set to go to university. However, she is not on a regular vacation… she’s gone there to try to understand what happened with her sister. Her sister Sienna previously dropped out of school and ran away to the same place. She apparently fell in with a bunch of surfers and then committed suicide. What Scarlett wants to know is why because it just doesn’t make any sense. Very quickly she meets two guys who are very different…Luke and Jude.

I have to admit that I read the blurb before reading the book and thought… OK girl two guys I see where this is going…but I was pleasantly surprised to find a fresh take on the dynamic. Scarlett clearly wants to find out more about who her sister was while she was there. She is trying to unravel the mystery surrounding her death because she feels something is not right. It had me wondering along with her why she killed herself. There was just enough suspense to keep me intrigued. I liked Scarlett’s growth as a person as the story went on. I felt like she was really starting to discover who she was while she was trying to search for who her sister was. I loved Cara and Luke and felt like there was just enough romance mixed into all that suspense. Jude is another story, I did like his character but for completely different reasons. He was a complete mystery himself and I enjoyed trying to figure him out. Finally there was the ending! I thought it was great. I knew going into it that this was the first in a series but I liked that the ending felt like this part of the story was resolved but also left you having to know what happens next!

Now this book did not have a ton of paranormal aspects in it but this didn’t bother me. I feel like getting to know all the characters came about more naturally this way. I mean it very well could have gone..girl goes to cabin, girl wants to find out what happened to sister, girl finds out paranormal creatures exist, girl falls in love. That story has been done in some variation a lot! I much preferred this books more natural flow. I also felt like the characters reaction were believable which I always love. The romance in the book (spoilers ahead) felt like it happened at a good pace. First we get to know Luke and his sister. You can see that he’s awkward about his feelings for her and just trying to spend as much time with her as he can. Its sweet and age appropriate…maybe that gives away the fact that I’m not a teen ha ha.

I liked the mystery surrounding Jude and I feel like we’ll get to know him a lot better in the next least I hope so. I can’t help but start thinking about the next book with the way this one ended. I imagine the paranormal aspect will play a much bigger role in the story since Scarlett is now aware it exists. This all just brings me back to the ending and why it was so great. It really made you realize how much you’ve grown to care about everyone throughout the story because I just don’t know how everyone ends up happy. It just doesn’t seem possible and I would just feel so bad for Luke if he doesn’t finally get a happy ending too. So I encourage anyone who seems even slightly interest to pick up the book. It was a fun read and led to another book being added to my TBR pile.

Death Wish (Ceruleans, #1)


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