Cold Burn of Magic


Title:  Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1)
Author:  Jennifer Estep
Publisher:  Kensington April 28,2015
Format: Paperback, purchased
My Rating: 4/5 stars

Lila is a girl who lives in the basement of the library, unnoticed.  She lives in what is referred to as “the most magical place in America” and she uses her skills and magic to be a thief in this city.  The city is filled with tourists coming to visit a place filled with magic as well as the powerful magical families.  These families are like mafia families and their huge houses can be seen on the outskirts of town.  Not everyone has magic, or a talent, but Lila is happy using hers to do the odd job for her friend who owns a pawn shop.  He’s pretty much the only friend she has since her mother died and she’s happy being on her own.  When she steps in to save a customer in this pawn shop, a customer who happens to be a cute boy, she gets forced into becoming involved with the families.

There were so many things that made this book seem like the perfect book for me to read, and I am so glad it didn’t disappoint.  I mean a girl who stows away and lives secretly in the basement of the local library….awesome!  Also, Lila is a tough independent girl, which is appealing in a main character.  I have read some reviews where it seems like she strays from her beliefs when she see’s Devon and thinks he’s soo cute but I can assure you she stays true to herself to the very end.  She is tough, guarded, and afraid of getting hurt but by the end of the book we understand her more and can see that she’s growing as a person.  The other thing that drew me to this book is the fact that most books I read are about a magical person or group of people living in the normal world, usually hidden.  In Cold Burn of Magic, Jennifer Estep creates a whole new world where magic is out in the open and people visit this town as a tourist attraction.

One of the things I thought made this book so great was the fact that there was more than one thing that kept the reader’s interest.  Lila herself was interesting enough to keep me reading but when Devon is introduced their changing relationship kept me wondering where it would end up.  There’s not much romance in the book, especially when compared to many other YA books but i didn’t miss the endless pages of main characters giving each other googly eyes. In Cold Burn of Magic we have a lot of action and mystery that kept me reading well past my bed time.

Lila is pretty much forced to protect Devon and become part of the world that is the families.  We wonder who is trying to kill him, who attacked him, why?  The answers when we finally get them were a complete surprise.  The worst thing that can happen when reading a book is figuring out who the bad guy is in a couple of chapters, that did not happen here.   Aside from this main “bad guy” we also learn more about a certain family who is hated by most, including Lila.  The more I read the more I learned exactly why they’re hated and Lila’s personal story that included them.

The ending tied everything together quite nicely and I felt it was a perfect conclusion to an amazing story.  While wrapping things up nicely it also built of some major interest in the next book.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next to all the characters I’ve met and grown to love.  Do I recommend picking up this book? Absolutely!  I loved this book from the first page until the last page.  It was a wonderful book that was different from so many other books I’ve read.

Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1)


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