Keep the Ghost…One choice changes his Life!


Title:  Keep the Ghost
Author:  Scott Kelly
Publisher:  Scotty Kelly
Release Date:  April 9, 2015
Format:  ebook from the author
My Rating:  4/5 Stars

Sean is in the US to go to school so when he discovers a secret that his roommate Kayla is keeping from everyone he’s not sure what to do.  She’s made a plan, with the help of some people, to fake her death.  Sean thinks the plan is crazy but she convinces him not to tell anyone and to help her create a new life for herself.  Right from the start things to not go as plan.  The police are convinced Kayla was murdered and Sean is their number one suspect and it looks like his decision to help Kayla is going to get him sent to prison.  He makes the choice to reach out to the people who can make him disappear… all he has to do is kill himself.  Can he do it? Can or should he trust these people?  And even if he does what happens once he takes the plunge?

This book was such a wonderful surprise!  I was looking for a change of pace from the books that I’ve been reading lately so I thought a thriller/suspense novel would be the perfect choice.  Keep the Ghost  isn’t just a thriller it’s faced pace and keeps you questioning everything.  There are no parts of the book where I felt like the story was dragging.  Every page had me on the edge of my seat.  Like I said, this book was a change of pace for me and not the typical type of book that I read but that being said it was unlike any other thriller or suspense novel I’ve read, I almost feel like it should have a category of it’s own.

As you read the story you find yourself questioning Sean’s choices and wondering what you would do in his situation.  What would you do if you were facing a life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit?  Even if you couldn’t stand the idea of being convicted and sent to prison would you ever choose the extreme option offered to Sean in this book?  One decision can not only change his life forever but who he is.  He finds himself questioning how much of who he is is based on the people around him and what the think of him and expect from him.  With the freedom from any expectations, a blank slate, who is he and what is he capable of.

It is difficult to go into detail about the book without giving anything away, each page is full of surprises.  In the beginning Sean is just a sweet foreign exchange student who is trying to help his roommate do something that is important to her.  By the end of the novel he’s someone completely different.  I think the greatest thing about this novel is it makes you question so much. Which version of Sean is real? Was the person he became by the end of the novel there all along?  If you love an intense, thrilling read then you should definitely pick up this book! Another good reason to pick up this book is so that I have someone to talk about that ending with! Overall I am so glad that I left my comfort zone of fantasy and romance for a while to read Keep the Ghost.

Keep the Ghost

Just click on the cover of Keep the Ghost above to find it on amazon! Enjoy and let me know your thought!


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