If Anything Should Happen


Title:  If Anything Should Happen (A Kit Doyle Mystery)
Author:  Bonnie Hearn Hill
Publisher:  Severn House Publishers
Release Date:  November 1, 2015
Format:  eARC via Netgalley
My Rating:  4/5 Stars

Kit Doyle is a radio talkshow host and amateur detective, she uses her radio show and her blog to try and help solve crimes.  At the end of a visit with her mother she find out that her mother has a letter for her in case anything were to ever happen to her.  She finds the whole thing very cryptic and dramatic but doesn’t think much of it…until the next day when she finds out her mother died.  What she finds in the letter changes her life forever and sets her out to solve her greatest mystery yet.  With the help of her friends she sets out to discover the truth but when someone turns up dead she realizes that someone may do anything to keep her from discovering the truth.

As you can tell from my little summary this book promises a ton of mystery and drama which instantly drew me in.  For a long time lately I’ve been reading a lot of YA…the stories of young love, fantasy, and magic sucked me in but my love of reading started with mysteries.  I just loved trying to figure out what happened and who the “bad guy” was before it was revealed in the novel.  If Anything Should Happen was the PERFECT book to get me back into this genre! Not only does Kit Doyle have to figure out the mystery of the letter from her mother but she’s also trying to figure out the truth behind the death of the brother of the woman who funds her radio show.  Who can argue with a double mystery!?

I must say that I didn’t get sucked in from the very first page, it took me a little longer to get drawn in than usual.  We find out pretty quickly that the story is going to be told from two different perspectives, which I don’t always enjoy.  However, I quickly realized that I couldn’t imagine the story being told without both of these perspectives.  Also, the fact that Kit Doyle was looking into two pretty major mysteries had me worried that the story would become muddied and I wouldn’t get a chance to become invested in either storyline.  The author weaves these two plots together beautifully and all my reservations were quickly lost as I found myself frantically reading on to find out what happens.

As I said, it took me a little longer than usual to get drawn into this mystery but I’m glad I kept reading because by the end I was completely invested.  I found myself slowly being drawn into this world and the pace really worked.  The best sign of a great mystery, for me anyway, is if I am surprised at the end.  With If Anything Should Happen I had two chances to be surprised by the outcome and I’m happy to say that I was.  I also love reaching the end and realizing that all the little things that happened throughout the book suddenly make complete sense.  Even though I do love being surprised at the end of the mystery and really hate when the murderer, bad guy, etc. comes out of nowhere…I hate thinking Where the heck did this person come from?! They didn’t even exist until the last 20 pages?!  Happily, that was not the case here and I finished reading feeling completely satisfied with the ending.  It seems as if this book will be the first in a series of Kit Doyle mysteries which makes me very excited because I feel like we’re just starting to really get to know some of the characters.  If you don’t enjoy reading a series I wouldn’t let that keep you from picking up this book because the ending is quite satisfying and won’t leave you feeling like the story is unfinished.  I am so happy to have read this book and rediscovered my love of mysteries!

If Anything Should Happen


2 thoughts on “If Anything Should Happen

  1. I’m a big fan of mystery. They’re the kind of books that keep me up all night, needing to know what happens next. This book is definitely in my TBR now!


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