Stacking the Shelves… August preview edition!


As many of you are aware Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme dedicating to sharing all the books you’ve collected to add to your shelf..physical, virtual, bought, borrowed it doesn’t matter.  The meme is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.  Make sure to click the link to check out there site as well as find link’s to all the other blogs participating. I had quite a great week for collecting books, some of these I got more than a week ago but since I haven’t participated in a while I figured that would be okay.  Many of these will be reviewed on the blog in the coming month, so enjoy!

First up, I’ll start with the books I received from the library….oh how I love the library.

bookclubVampire Academy and The Distance Between Us are both books I picked up for the book club I recently joined on Goodreads..yay!  I’ve been wanting to be a part of a book club for a long long time so I’m pretty pumped! Vampire Academy is a reread for me but I’m excited to tackle it again and see why I never continued the series. I’m very excited for both of these.


I was able to find both of these at the library as well, basically I go to the library armed with my TBR list and start at the top and see what’s available.  My Soul to Save is the second in a series that I’m looking forward to continuing and I have been wanting to read My Life Next Door quite badly and I’m hoping it lives up to my high expectations.


Casted is technically not borrowed from the library but I include it in this category because it’s my Amazon prime borrowed book for the month. Yay! I’m always happy to find books by authors I love available to borrow through prime.


Love Always, and Undertow are both ARCs that I recieved this week. I am super excited for Love Always, which I received from the authors…both of them are amazing by the way so check out their other books…one of which I already listed above 😉 Undertow I received from Netgalley, it sounds great and the cover is beautiful.

ownThese were both recommended to me from different people.  Birds of a Feather was recommended to me by my sister, and she was nice enough to let me borrow her copy 🙂  If at First was one I purchased with an amazon credit I had, LOVE those! I asked for book recommendations on twitter and Amanda (@CityAndBook) suggested this one and it sounds amazing!! She has a great blog too so check it out here City & Book.


This last one is super fun…It’s an adult coloring book that I got from my best friend! If you haven’t noticed these have become quite popular. Not to mention fun and what more do you need to say about that!

So, that wraps up today’s edition of Stacking the shelves.  As always I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the books I’ve mentioned.  Any of these books make your list?  Have you read any of them..if so what did you think? Also feel free to comment with a link to your Stacking the Shelves posts, I’d love to check them out too! Happy reading everyone!


8 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves… August preview edition!

  1. New follower via bloglovin. Getting books from the library is nice. I hope you enjoy your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love


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