A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder


Title:  A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder
Author:  Julie Anne Lindsey
Publisher:  Carina Press
Release Date:  August 31, 2015
Format:  eARC via Netgalley
My Rating:  5/5 Stars

If you know anything about me then you know I love reading a good mystery, I mean what’s there not to love…a little murder, a little suspense, maybe some romance.  I’m all in!  That is why I was totally geeking out over this book! (I’m okay with the pun if you are).  I instantly was excited for the book… I loved the title, I loved the cover, and most importantly I loved the story and the characters.

The story is about Mia Connors, an IT manager at a gated community called Horseshoe Falls.  She shows up to work one day to find that the email system has been hacked, sending fraudulent messages to residents.   As if that’s not enough for her to deal with the new head of security suspects her when  one of her friends is murdered and her best friend goes missing. Soon Mia will have more to worry about than just the suspicions of the sexy new head of security because as she gets closer to finding answers the killer might be getting closer to her.

I’ve already mentioned a few things I loved about this book but one of the greatest things about A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder are the fantastic characters.  The main character is Mia Connors, a self proclaimed geek and my new personal hero.  She’s intelligent, stylish, confident and so much more.  I don’t use a lot of quotes in my reviews but here’s one that perfectly sums up why I love Mia:

“When I said I was a geek, I was serious.  I like social media and graphic novels.  I obsess over shows, movies, and books.  I like board games and I enjoy dressing as Queen Guinevere for the Renaissance Faire.  I can’t help it.  I like things other people think are dorky” -Mia Connors

So it helps to love a story when I relate so easily to the main character but it also helps when the supporting characters are also fantastic.  Jake Archer is the mysterious new head of security and they spend a lot of time together.  I like the dynamic between the two characters and they have some really fun dialogue together.  Their families make appearances in the book too: from Dan Archer, the lead detective and Jake’s brother to Bree, Mia’s twin sister..I couldn’t get enough.  Even people in the community who only make a slight appearance in the story made me wish I could visit Horseshoe Falls.

First and foremost A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder is a mystery and it certainly doesn’t fail in that aspect.  I felt like I was trying to discover the truth right along Mia, which I was.  The number one thing I hate in a murder mystery is being able to figure out who the killer is right away.  Luckily that didn’t happen here,  I think the reader has fun trying to figure out the mystery and seeing if they’re right.   The tension and suspense builds right up to the end.  I won’t say too much about the mystery aspect because I don’t want to give spoilers but I will say it does not disappoint.

I can’t close out the review without mentioning romance… when the blurb describes Jake as “hunky” you just know somethings going to go on there.  There’s definitely some bubbling attraction between Mia and Jake but I felt the story focused on getting to know the characters and I found it refreshing that while finding a hacker, locating her missing best friend, and catching a murderer Mia and Jake didn’t have time for loads of canoodling.  Yea I just said canoodling 🙂  The story and the people in it felt organic and I couldn’t get enough! Would I like to see more of what happens between these two? YES!! And don’t worry, apparently a second Geek Girl Mystery is coming in the Spring of 2016…yea that’s right usually this is where I would say if or who I recommend the book to but I am so far past that!  I think it’s obvious that I think EVERYONE should read this book as well as keep an eager eye out for the next one.  I know I sure am!  I’ll leave you with one last bit of Mia wisdom,

“I am a geek.  Haven’t you heard? Geek is the new chic.” -Mia Connors



3 thoughts on “A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder

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