A Secondhand Life


Title:  A Secondhand Life
Author:  Pamela Crane
Publisher:  Tabella House
Release Date:  April 16, 2015
Format:  eCopy from the author
Rating:  4/5 Stars

When Mia Germaine was 12 years old she was in a car accident that left her father dead.  She was lucky enough to survive but needed a heart transplant.  She was able to have her heart transplant because on that same night a young girl was murdered.  Twenty years later Mia hasn’t forgotten that a young girl had to die in order for her to survive, she was left with emotional scars along with her physical ones.  So when Mia begins having dreams, that feel more like memories, of the young girl’s murder she sets out to do something about it.  The killer didn’t stop at one victim 20 years ago… he continues to kill young girls and is known as the “Triangle Terror”.  As Mia struggles to find justice for the young girl who lost her life she begins to question everyone.  Her quest for the truth sends her right into the path of danger.

A Secondhand Life is an intelligent thriller that pulls you in from every angle.  The concept behind the story is something called “organ memory”.  As a result of Mia’s heart transplant she begins to have memories that belong to the little girl who’s heart she now has.  These memories are of the girl’s murder!  I have never read anything quite like this.  I was afraid  that maybe the whole concept would end up seeming outlandish and unbelievable but was happy to find that was not the case.  I found it believable enough to google it and find out if it was something people really experienced…spoiler alert, it is!

The psychological aspect of this thriller was amazing! As Mia becomes more and more invested in finding the serial killer and bringing them to justice the reader sees how the obsession is affecting her… and I found it fascinating.  It spoke to her character that no matter what obstacles she faced and who tried to convince her to let the whole thing go she just couldn’t.  She knew she had something to offer to the investigation that nobody else could and wouldn’t give up.

Now I don’t do spoilers but the ending was unexpected and fantastic!  Throughout the story we get small glimpses into the mind of the killer… small chapters from his perspective.  Normally I’m not a huge fan of this but the story just wouldn’t be the same without this insight.  When we finally get some answers at the end….what can I say other than it was unlike anything I had ever read before.  The ending brought about sooo many feelings.  A Secondhand Life was a poignant story that gives the reader a brief look into the mind of a woman dealing with the physical and mental effects of surviving a tragic day when others did not.  What I found made this book amazing is not only getting to know Mia but getting insight into the mind of a killer as well.

This book is unlike any other mystery, suspense, or thriller I have ever read and I am so glad the author gave me a chance to read it.


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