Wild on You


Title:  Wild on You (Justiss Alliance #1)
Author:  Tina Wainscott
Publisher:  Loveswept (February 4, 2014)
Format:  Kindle Copy, purchased
Rating:  3/5 Stars

The Justiss Alliance is described as an “ellite team of heroes out to do right.”  Wild on You is the story of Rick Yarbrough, also known as Risk.  Risk is a former SEAL who is given his first case in the private sector.  He’s not all that thrilled that his first job seems more like a babysitting gig.  He is supposed to watch over Addie Wunder, an animal rights activist.  Once he meets Addie he realizes this job is not going to be as easy as he thought.  Not only is Addie getting into all kinds of trouble but it may finally be catching up to her…not to mention Risk’s growing attraction.  Soon the case becomes more than just a job, it becomes personal and Risk will do anything to keep her safe.

Now I have to start off by saying that I picked up this book expecting some steamy romance….a little adult reading to break up all the YA reading I’ve been doing lately.  That is exactly what I was looking for at the moment.  I mean who doesn’t love an occasional steamy romance featuring a sexy military guy who falls for the girl.  I also would not have been bothered with a bit of “insta-love.”  That being said I was a little disappointed with both Risk and Addie right from the beginning. Disclaimer: I don’t consider the following spoilers because it happens right at the beginning of the book.  Risk is basically briefed on his assignment by his boss and Addie’s father.  They explain that she was almost hit by a car and although it may have been an accident they don’t think it was.  They explain that in her mission as an animal activist she doesn’t always follow the letter of the law and sometimes people get angry.  Then the father show’s Risk Addie’s social media page….at this point we can see he’s already in love.  This is where you can picture me rolling my eyes and sighing.  Like I said, I could have gotten behind them meeting and falling in love shortly after…but they didn’t even meet! All it took was a picture.  How am I not supposed to think he’s shallow for the rest of the story? But I tried to let that go and kept reading.

I’ll move on to Addie now.  What I failed to mention is that when Addie’s father showed Risk her picture he also told Risk that Addie is a lesbian.  Shortly after that Risk and Addie are in her car driving to an event, having just met each other.  Of course Addie instantly finds him attractive, something is said about her being a lesbian so naturally she instantly makes out with him.   What?! Let me explain, several months ago she told her father she was a lesbian…she lied.  She was tired of being set up on dates and wanted to focus on her career and not men so she told him she was a lesbian.  So obviously, the first hot guy that comes around she makes out with after knowing him minutes and confesses she’s actually straight.  There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin.  Lying to your father about such a major thing, making out with a guy who she claims she doesn’t even want around after just minutes, being more honest with him than her father….she doesn’t come across so great right off the bat either.

That being said, I kept reading thinking that the book could only get better from there…which it did.  I put my initial impressions of the main characters aside and kept reading.  The writing was good and the plot was interesting enough to get me to finish the book.  After my first impressions of Risk and Addie were out of the way they didn’t really show any more off-putting qualities after that.  Addie ended up being a strong, independent woman who really cared about her cause and the work she was doing to help animals.  I was happy to find that she did not end up being a damsel in distress.  Risk, while obviously being physically attracted to Addie (this is a steamy romance after all)  began to really care for her as well and this came across too.

What I liked most was the suspense factor of the book.  I really had no idea who was trying to kill Addie and why.  I’m a sucker for a good mystery and was genuinely surprised by the outcome.  It wasn’t predictable and was quite intense at the end.  By the end of the book I was happy that I decided to keep reading, even after my initial impression of the main characters.  The end of the book gives a bit of a glimpse into the other members of Risk’s team and I imagine the next book in the series will tell the story of one the other guys.  I’m interested to know if I’d find the other characters to be a bit more likable but I’m not sure if/when I’ll pick up the next one.  Overall I enjoyed the story for what it was…a sexy romance with a little intrigue.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this book or my review.  Was I too hard on the main characters?  Have you ever had a bad first impression of a story or characters that changed when you kept reading? Happy Reading!

Wild on You (Justiss Alliance, #1)


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