Top 10 Wishes I’d ask The Book Genie to Grant Me!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  I don’t participate every week but this seemed like such a fun topic that I just couldn’t resist.  Make sure to visit their site so you can check out their post as well as find links to everyone else’s posts.  I know this is a topic that will have me clicking for hours seeing everyone else’s wishes! I am going to go all out with my wishes because a book genie obviously has infinite powers and can make even unrealistic wishes come true! So, without further ado…my list:

oneMy first wish would be for J.K Rowling to write another series!  Not another Harry Potter Series exactly, maybe just something similar.  Kind of like Rick Riordan and all his wonderful series.

two My second is inspired by my first…For J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan to write a book together.  Wouldn’t that be great!! I know author pairings was a recent top 10 topic but since I didn’t participate I’m still using this as one of my wishes because it would be awesome!


three  For number three I would want the Book Genie to give me a magical bookshelf that never runs out of room.  I know what your thinking… That’s impossible! But hey he’s a genie he can do whatever he wants.

four  My brain is getting really into this now!  For my fourth choice I would wish for something from one of my books to be real and that something is…owls from Harry Potter! I want to send an owl to my friends and have my little owl fly into my room with a special letter for me because that would be awesome.  This would probably put postmen out of business but come on..owls!


five  For my fifth wish I would ask for a special library card but not just any library card!  One that would let me use Barnes & Noble as my personal library! Great idea right?! This way I could try all of the books…well this wouldn’t actually give me access to all the books so I will work on that with another wish.

six  Whenever I visit a used book store I always look to see what copies of Pride and Prejudice that they have.  It’s my FAVORITE book and I currently own several copies and they’re all unique and special to me. That being said I would ask my Book Genie for a first edition of Pride and Prejudice.

seven Okay, so I figured out a way to have access to all the books! I would wish for a version of Kindle Unlimited that gives you access to ALL the books.  Not realistic in a normal world for everyone but being selfish and having a Book Genie would have it’s perks.

eight  I didn’t realize how many wonderful bookish things I could have with 10 wishes.  So for my next wish I would ask my wonderful genie for a library in my house!  Not like a public library just a regular one.  Like you see in rich people’s houses in the movies.  Shelves filled with books that go to the ceiling with one of those rolling ladders so you can access the top shelves, with a big comfy couch in it.  Hey we don’t all have mansions with wonderful personal libraries in them… hence the wish.


nine  Maybe this is a weird one but I’m going with it anyway.  I would wish for a best friend who reads all the same books I do and at the same speed that I do.  So I could always have someone to talk to about what I’m reading.  Like..”Oh my goodness can you believe that person just died?!” or “She is soo annoying why would she do that?” It would be nice to have someone other than myself to talk to while I read.


ten  My final wish!  I wasn’t sure about this but I decided to go with it.  I would ask that my top 5 favorite books would be made into a movie every year.  I’m not greedy I have soo many favorite books so I went with just my top 5.  I know a lot of people don’t like movie versions of their favorite books but I’ve always been a fan.  I always go into them thinking of them as based on the books not perfect movie recreations of the books.  Maybe that’s why I’m not disappointed as easily.

There you have it…my 10 bookish wishes from my book genie!  I know as soon as I publish this post I’ll want to add a wish or change a wish because the idea of 10 wishes is just too wonderful and amazing for my brain to handle.  Any thoughts on my wishes?  Did you participate in Top Ten Tuesday this week? Be sure to leave your comments, including links to your posts if you have them, below.  Happy Wishing!


13 thoughts on “Top 10 Wishes I’d ask The Book Genie to Grant Me!

  1. Great list! I definitely also want a bookstore to be my personal library, I might as well just move my bed there since I’m never leaving. And someone to talk to about your fave books is always a big plus! 😀


  2. Ahh you have such good choices! The owls from Harry Potter being real would be amazing. Who wouldn’t want their own letter delivering owl?! I would also love a best friend who reads the same books as me and at the same pace. It gets a little boring fangirling to myself all the time! haha. Really great list 🙂


    • Thank you! I will try to get to it soon! I have fallen behind on blog posts but I have a good reason…..a book I was waiting for was finally released and i had to reread the whole series 🙂

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