Truth of Embers

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In case you haven’t seen my reviews on the first two books in this series let me catch you up…I LOVE THEM!  It’s hard to write a review for the third book in a series without a few spoilers so if you haven’t read the first two books yet feel free to search for “Dragonsworn” using the search bar on my site to find reviews on Caitlyn McFarland’s first two books in this series.   There now with that little spoiler disclaimer out of the way on to the wonderfulness!

Now, Truth of Embers picks off pretty much where book two left off… with Kai still captured and being tortured and Rhys trying to devise a plan to save her.    Obviously saving Kai does not go completely according to plan and even though Rhys and Kai are together again things are anything but simple.  Kai tries to be a leader to the wingless and Rhys is trying to come up with a way to beat Owain while not alienating the council, dragons, or the wingless.  Then there’s the gang…I love them all and their story lines are not forgotten.  So basically we have the final showdown in the dragon war that’s lasted centuries, the strength of love, forbidden love, and family.

The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because there were several story lines that I was able to guess the outcome to, but even though I saw some things coming I still loved the way this series ended.  I appreciate that none of the side characters were forgotten about.  Many times in a series a friend is discussed in the first couple of books and then completely forgotten about or glossed over in the ending.  Don’t worry that is not the case here!  And even though I saw some things coming, some were a COMPLETE surprise!  A completely satisfying surprise!   We finally get to see the final battle in the war between the dragons…I just want to mention that because it’s easy to forget that this isn’t just a love story.  With so many people at war and in love there’s bound to be some happy endings and some not so happy endings… I liked that it didn’t end with a happy ending for everyone it felt much more realistic.

I think my favorite thing about this book is the character growth we see in Kai and Rhys.  There’s nothing typical about this leading lady or leading man and I love it.  Kai goes from being a spunky college student to Queen of the dragons and we get to experience the transformation with her.  And yes, Rhys was King way back in the first book, but we get to see him grow as he learns what love is and as he learns how to really be a great and fair leader to everyone.

I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone who likes books because it has something for everyone!  Dragons, action, war, every type of love interest you can think of! You like love triangles then it has that, prefer forbidden has that too, or soulmates ya that too.  So much to love about this series and I’m sad to see it come to an end but highly satisfied with the ending.  Have you started this series yet?  Any other books involving Dragons that you can recommend…because I’ve fallen in love.  Truth of Embers by Caitlyn McFarland is officially available for purchase so  check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  Happy Reading!


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