Dead in a Dumpster

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myrating 4stars

It’s no secret that I am currently obsessed with reading cozy mysteries… really any mysteries.  All you have to do is look at my shelf and you’ll see the stack of cozy mystery books that I’ve purchased or borrowed from the library. So, obviously I was thrilled to get a copy of Dead in a Dumpster to review from the author.

Leah Norwood runs and is part owner of the store Scents and Sensibility.  She loves running the store and being part of the small town except for when she has to deal with Isabel.  Isabel is the manager of the antique store next door.  Leah was constantly having to tell her to have their delivery truck move from behind her store.  When she finds Isabel dead in the dumpster Leah knows that she has to prove to the new, and quite good looking, police chief that even though she didn’t like her she didn’t kill her.  As a somewhat amateur sleuth, Leah sets out with her trusty notebook looking for clues and looking for the truth.

What I like about Dead in a Dumpster is that it was filled with things that set it apart from other mysteries.  Many times books like this can feel like they all follow the same pattern.  I saw that this one had a small business owner, sexy new police chief, and main character who was an amateur detective main character and was worried it wouldn’t have anything to set it apart.  I was pleased to see I was wrong!  The main character, Leah, is likable and witty.  The cast of characters in the town are eclectic and fun.  There’s even a drug/mob family to keep things interesting!  There’s just to much to love about this story and the characters.

The mystery aspect of this book was amazing and kept me guessing.  I didn’t figure out the mystery ahead of time but everything made sense when I finished the book, which I love.  Now if you’re like me you also enjoy a little romance with your mystery.  Dead in a Dumpster does introduce a little romance and intrigue.  There seems to be two guys vying for her attention.  I wouldn’t use the term “love triangle” because it doesn’t have that feel.  The two guys are also totally different from each other!  I can’t wait to see how it plays out because the one guy is a very different love interest than I’m used to seeing…and that’s all I will say about that.  That being said, the main focus of this book was the mystery and introducing the reader to the characters.  We didn’t get to see much in the romance department, more like an introduction to the guys.   I will definitely be reading the next book to see what happens with Leah and all her friends.

Are you a fan of cozy mysterious?  What’s your favorite thing about a good mystery book?  Have you read Dead in a Dumpster before?  Make sure to leave your comments below, I love hearing them!  Also, if there’s a cozy mystery series you’ve read and love let me know in the comments!  Happy Reading.


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