Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic

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This is one of those books that I went into with very high expectations!  I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder.  I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries lately, especially cozy mysteries.  So if that sounds like your cup of tea than read on for the summary and my review…I don’t think you’ll be disapointed with this one.  If you’re looking for some info on the first book in the series find it here:  A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder.


It’s been three months since Jake Archer rolled into town, accused Mia Connors of murder and stole her heart. She hasn’t heard from him since. So when a man collapses at the fall Renaissance Faire, she’s surprised to see the US marshal arrive on scene. And shocked when he points the finger at her—again. Mia would sooner be able to resurrect the poor fellow than poison him.

Jake Archer’s career has been rising fast, but it’s about to come to a crashing halt. The Ren-Faire victim was in protective custody—Jake’s custody—and they were painfully close to nabbing a major crime boss. If Jake doesn’t solve the murder soon, he’ll be fetching donuts instead of protecting his nation. A difficult enough task without the alluring Mia Connors in the way.

Working with Jake to catch the killer might push Mia into crazy-cat-lady territory. But with a murderer on the loose—and Mia’s reputation on the line—they’ll have to work fast to find the killer before the killer finds them.


There’s nothing better than a book exceeding all your expectations, and that’s what Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic did.  There’s something about the main character, Mia, that makes you absolutely love her.  She’s fun, a little geeky, smart, and I find her very relate able.  To me there’s nothing worse when I’m reading a cozy mystery…or any mystery for that matter, than a main character who just makes ridiculous and unwise decisions while trying to solve the mystery.  Mia comes across very real and I love her.  This may be one of the only mystery series I’ve read where after her experience being in the middle of a murder investigation in the first book, the main character is visibly affected by it.  I mean really, how many times have we read a book where the main character throws herself into all kinds of dangerous situations, solves the mystery, barely escapes with her life, and then does it all over again without a second thought in the next book?  Not the case with Mia and I LOVED that.  Julie Anne Lindsay did a fantastic job of bringing this character to life and making me fall in love with her!

The mystery in this one was wonderful and kept me guessing until the very end.  Along the way we are introduced to an amazingly colorful group of people from the Renaissance Faire.  Meeting all these quirky new people adds something great to the experience, it was something I loved about the first book and I’m glad we got to see more of it in this one.  Mia’s family played a prominent role in this book too, yay!!  I love her family and the way they interact with each other, none of the characters fall flat.  The mystery makes sense at the end and when the whodunit is revealed your not left wondering…”wait did we even see that character before now?”  That is my biggest pet peeve with mysteries!  I’m much happier with the reaction I had at the end of Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic which was more like “I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING!! I HAD NO IDEA!!”  I honestly couldn’t come up with a single thing I would change about this.

Last but not least, we have Jake Archer.  After the ending of the last book I couldn’t wait to see how he would pop up again and what would happen with him and Mia.  I just love their relationship.  Again, like with all other things in this book it seemed to flow naturally.  Their interactions with each other made me smile.  I just can’t get enough of these two!!  I’m already eagerly awaiting the third book in this series and will devour it as soon as I can get my hands on it.  A Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic is  a true 5 star read…I wouldn’t change a word!!

Have you read either of the books in this series yet?  What did you think?  Are you a fan of cozy mysteries and what do you think of this one?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this series because, as you can tell I’m a HUGE fan!!  For me it all started with the beautiful cover..I was hooked from the beginning 🙂 Leave me your comments, thoughts and questions and Happy Reading!


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