A Delightful Taste of Magic!

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Part of what I love about reading and the blogging community is discovering so many great books.  However,  I found out that with all the ARC’s and much anticipated releases I tend not to blog about books I find randomly on my own.  I’m a big fan of indie books.  I’ve discovered many a wonderful book/series by reading independently published books.  A few months ago I decided to try Kindle Unlimited…I really wasn’t sure if I would like it but so far it has been great.  So, I decided to feature books I’ve found on Kindle Unlimited more often on the blog.  Starting with A Taste of Magic by Alaine Allister.


Out of work reporter Clarissa Spencer is being stalked by a stray cat. She can’t cook to save her life, her garden is an overgrown mess and her chocolate chip cookie addiction is out of control. Then to top it all off, she gets struck by lightning!

Clarissa thinks she has it bad – until she learns the town mayor has been shot to death and his widow has been falsely accused of killing him. Okay, so it could be worse…

Clarissa makes it her mission to expose the true killer before her arch nemesis – an infuriatingly handsome reporter from the city newspaper – can. Unfortunately, solving a murder is easier said than done…especially with the lunacy in Clarissa’s life!


I tend to enjoy witchy mysteries, which is why I decided to give this one a try.  The blurb made it sound fun and amusing.  I was concerned that it would end up being way too outlandish and ridiculous.  I mean she’s being stalked by a cat, is struck by lightning, and there’s obviously some witch component?  It could get too silly for my liking.  Luckily, I was completely wrong.  A Taste of Magic was just the right amount of fun.  Clarissa is a fun and completely relateable main character.  Slightly down on her luck but determined and a severe cookie addiction.  Basically what I’m saying is I loved the main character!    There also weren’t any other characters that I found too unlikable or annoying.  Sometimes a minor character can really detract from my enjoyment of a book and I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

A Taste of Magic was a quick and light read but that doesn’t mean the mystery was lacking at all.  In fact, the mystery was my favorite part of this book.  Way too often in cozy mysteries like this there’s a heroine who stumbles around trying to solve a murder and only discovers who it is because they try to kill her.  Clarissa’s investigation seemed much more impressive to me than the average amateur sleuth.  Maybe it’s because she’s a journalist but I love that  once I found out who the killer was I was able to look back and see how she got there.  I was able to spot all the clues that I missed.  And that is my favorite part about mysteries.

This was a quick, funny, and delightful read!  I’m so glad that I stumbled across it.  I have to say I immediately picked up the next book in the series and spoiler…I loved that one too.  Probably more than I enjoyed this one.  So, if your looking for a fun book to lose yourself in for a few hours then I’d give this one a try.  I must say the witchy/magic component in this books is very minor and does not play a big role in the story.  That was not an issue for me, I actually enjoyed how it was woven into the story but if you’re looking for a ton of  magic then you may be disappointed.

Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited, if so what do you think?  What was the last book that you stumbled upon that you enjoyed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Let me know what you’ve been reading.  Happy reading!

A Taste of Magic

Find it on Amazon here!


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