Lights, Camera, Murder…a Review




Anything can happen on a reality show, though finding a body on set—and live on air—is new.
Melissa McBallister is young, rich, and beautiful but frustrated. She wants nothing more than to be a famous author like her mother. When the opportunity to be on a new reality TV show comes her way, she grabs the chance, hoping to find some inspiration. When a castmate is murdered during a live broadcast and her blood is literally on Melissa’s hands, the young writer gets more than she bargained for—reality TV is much stranger than fiction. Can Melissa prove that she’s innocent?

Ryan Sethi prefers to produce TV commercials. They’re boring and safe. But he can’t pass up the opportunity to produce a show about socialites in Fishcreek Falls, an exclusive ski town high in the Rocky Mountains. But can he keep the show, cast, crew, and especially Melissa safe while a killer is on the loose? Or will a reality TV show gone bad ruin both of their lives?


Anyone who looks at my bookshelf or my kindle knows one thing right away….I LOVE cozy mysteries!! One of my favorite things about them is the fact that there are endless settings for them.  So, when I saw that this one was centered around a reality TV show I was intrigued….definitely not something I’ve come across before.  Even though I was excited to get started, I do have to say that I am not a fan of reality TV and don’t watch any of those shows.  Even so, I started reading hoping for that cozy charm I love.

The main character, Melissa, starts off quite likeable.  She’s a writer (which I must admit I’m always happy to find in my cozies) and rich but not snobby at all.  After reading the blurb and finding out she was rich and going to be on a reality TV show I was worried I would find her unlikeable but that was happily not the case.  Basically, she agrees to join the reality TV show because she’s in a writing slump and hoping for excitement and inspiration.  I can get on board with that.  Then there’s the producer of the show Ryan Sethi, seems sweet right away and I can see some future romance there.

When all the gals on the reality show meet for the first time, it’s in a restaurant.  Which ended up being typical reality show cat fighting…this is where I involuntarily roll my eyes.  It’s scenes like that one that are why I avoid watching those shows.  But if you’re a lover of reality TV this books got something for you that you’ll love.  Soon after that we get our murder mystery!    I found the mystery to be intriguing and I couldn’t guess who the murderer was right off the bat, which is a plus for a cozy.

My only issue was that I felt like the main characters were a bit underdeveloped.  I didn’t really feel all that invested in them which may be because I didn’t feel like I knew them all that well. This is only the first book in the series, so hopefully we get to know these people a bit more intimately in the next book.  Overall I enjoyed the story, but it may be a better fit for reality TV fans…if you’re a fan of cozy mysteries and reality TV then you just hit the jackpot.

What are your thoughts on this book…have you read it?  Would you read it?  What about reality TV…fan or not?  I’d love to hear your thought.  Happy Reading!
Lights, Camera, Murder (Reality TV Cozy Mysteries, #1)

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