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Updated and Revamped!


If you follow my blog then you’ve noticed that I’ve been fairly inconsistent and I apologize for that.  My little blog was very new and honestly did not have much direction.m  Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing and I’m still learning as I go.  I wasn’t pleased so I decided to do an overhaul!!


I started with the look and layout of my blog.  It’s all new and I love it!  I decided a fresh start needed a fresh look as well.  I didn’t stop there I also updated the about me page as well as added a review request page that includes a review policy.  The tabs are located at the top of the page so be sure to check them out.

I’ve decided to focus the blog on mysteries (especially cozy mysteries) and YA.  I feel like I can offer a unique perspective on these genre’s as a 30-something year old 😉 I realized I needed to create a focus for my blog or be crushed by the hugeness of it! Now the point of this is to make the blog better and to have more fun doing it so if I find a book that’s not in those two genres that I love well then I’m going to talk about it on the blog anyways.

So, thanks for sticking with me and I hope you like all the changes I’ve made.  Let me know what you think by commenting below.  Also I’d love any suggestions you have about what I should add or start doing or anything you’d like to see really.  Like I said I’m learning as I go and all suggestions are welcome!  I am going to try to add more blog posts that are fun and not exclusively reviews…but that part is still a work in progress.  Thanks again all!

I do have a few reviews that will be coming really soon, both YA and cozy so if you’re a fan of either or both look forward to those.  Happy Reading everyone!


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