Review Requests

If you are an author that is wondering how to get your book reviewed by me then this is the page you want to read.  I decided that I needed to add a review policy, I previously have not had one, for my benefit and for yours.  It’s simple and not complicated but I’m hoping it will avoid any confusion.

Review Policy:

1. Although I wish I could review all of the books it’s just not possible therefore I am limiting it to:

  • mysteries, not exclusively cozies but that is a major focus for me
  • YA

If your book does not fit into one of these genres I welcome you to still submit a request for a review, just know I am more likely to accept review requests for the above genres.

2.  I am not picky about the format of the book for review.  It can be an ebook (PDF or mobi) or a printed book.

3.  If you would like the review to be posted on or before a certain date please inform me of the date with the review request.  If you have no preference on when the review gets posted I do my best to get to it in a timely fashion. Occasionally life may get in the way so unless specifically requested, as previously mentioned, I will not guarantee a date for the review to be completed.

4.  Acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review.  If for some reason I discover that I cannot review the book I will send you an email informing you of that and why.  Note, this does not happen often.   If I do review your book I will post it on my blog as well as goodreads and amazon.

5.  Indie books welcome! Some of my favorite books are independently published so I do not exclude these.

Extra:  I’d love to include any extras with the blog post so if you have a website,facebook page, etc. that you would like me to include please let me know.

And that’s it!  I also accept requests for cover reveals, book blitz, author interviews, etc. If you’re curious about my rating system there’s a tab at the top of the screen that explains it.  All of my reviews are 100% honest and accepting a request for a review does not guarantee a high rating.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Requests can be submitted using the form below or by sending me an email to